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About Megan

Speech Language Therapist

Megan king - Speech Therapist

Hi, I’m Megan!

I am a New Zealand Trained Speech Language Therapy, with a Bachelor of Speech and Language Therapy from Massey University. I am approaching ten years of practice, with experience in a wide range of contexts. I have been lucky enough to work with a wide range of children and adolescents, in both the public sector and privately more recently. This experience has helped develop a strong passion for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, complex communication difficulties and speech sound disorders. 

I began my career working for the Ministry of Education in South Auckland. Here, I secured the foundation and style of my intervention, developing a strong belief that language and literacy skills empower success in life. Every child has a unique communication style, and it is my job as a speech-language therapist to help them find that voice. I then moved to working in the Kaipara. This role gave me the opportunity to further develop my skills and an interest in Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) and Auditory Processing Disorder.

Further developing my career and interest in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), I took a position as a Family Consultant with the Children’s Autism Foundation. Working alongside counsellors, social workers and occupational therapists, I developed a strong understanding of ASD and a passion for supporting children/their whanau and adolescents on the spectrum.  I have been upskilling in the area of social skills. I am trained in the LEGO Social Skills therapy model and am an accredited provider of the UCLA PEERs for Adolescents Social Skills Programme. I love running social skills groups and incorporate social skills into my individual sessions with clients.

Over the years, I have gained experience in a number of areas including; articulation and phonology delays/disorders, voice disorders, stuttering, children with ASD and literacy development. I am trained in Hanen- It Takes Two to Talk and ABC and Beyond, The Lidcombe Programme, and have upskilled in professional development around How Words Work (Jenny Baker), Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cuing (DDTC), and Rapid Syllable Transition Training (ReST)The Code (structured literacy), Sound Contrasts in Phonology (speech sounds) and Routines Based Early Intervention. I am also a trained Makaton Tutor, and hold my Communication Assistive Technology (CAT-Level 1) accreditation.

I have been working in the private sector for the last three years and have grown in confidence and skill in this time. Working privately, I believe that it is my role to support children and their families to have a ‘tool-box’ of strategies and skills to ensure that communication is successful in many different situations. Each child and their family is individual, and I pride myself on building unique and personalized intervention for every child I support.

I am passionate and dedicated to providing a fun and holistic service, where I will assess your child, set individualized goals, deliver engaging and holistic therapy, and will share my tips and tricks with you, to ensure they develop into a strong and effective communicator.

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